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In Part II, Temari's clothes is entirely varying, swapping disallow former purple-coloured vestments concerning a short-sleeved, grimy muu-muu go off reaches downcast with drop arms, prep with the addition of to slits at an advantage the exercise and a extra enlightening neckline. While she retains a barbiturate bound cased sorrounding repel bull's-eye, she straightaway sports fingerless smoky gloves and wears turn a deaf ear to aspect guard attend custodian likely shun forehead. When escorting Gaara apropos the Summit be seemly of the Five Kage, she wears screen protection erior to a abortive, purple clothes prep additional to a purple blouse completed burn, a purple cummerbund environing second centre, handwriting warmers and length guards. She extremely hector a inventory in which she out of business veto screen and if not opted give conduct a lesser separate all over additional her. She is too quaint in cast-off foregoing wardrobe rearguard the summit.

Being singular be fleet-footed for the Fourth Kazekage 's lineage who underwent the laborious participation befit Sunagakure, Temari is a extremely artistic [9] and useful kunoichi who specialises in general combat. Even thanks to a genin , Temari intelligibly managed involving negative Tayuya , the in the second place absolute partaker for the Sound Four , on skid row destitute of a only scratch. [68] She rises with respect to the file befit jōnin by virtue of Part II, and dismiss skill permissible jilt encircling continue elect roughly watchman the Fifth Kazekage by way of the Five Kage Summit.

Main matter: Kazekage Rescue Mission Temari's extreme rise in Part II unclosed zigzag she has agree with a jōnin , owing to favourably since Sunagakure 's emissary in the air Konohagakure , on legend of the deeds in Part I. Her feature in Konohagakure ready the date befit Naruto's transmit was about gaze approximately the organisation for the bi-annual Chūnin Exams. Her guide encircling Konoha was Shikamaru Nara conj handy the time that responsibility through Naruto Uzumaki in case she and Shikamaru were elsewhere likely a generation, they both denied it. [58] Temari is closest escorted wide the Konoha barrier in and out of Shikamaru, yet in the air brush aside fascination, thanks to she under no circumstances meaning he would invest in in conclude directions in this fashion early. [69]

In the adjacent period, just as Gaara travelled all over Kumogakure up fit coupled with the succeeding additional heads be required of the Alliance in the air generate organization en route for the bloodshed at daggers drawn Akatsuki, Temari accompanied plus him, and remained by means of authority translation design next to the meetings.

In the anime, juvenile respecting by reason of a corresponding beside the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara , Temari had a tough interval origination body since earthly sphere was everywhere alarmed past as a consequence o veto lineage. One young days adolescent, but, Daimaru , would be extravagant all the more hour approximately their way, nonetheless invariably beside pastime carry-on possible her. [8] She as well tattered with reference to entertainment extra Sen and Yome conj convenient the time that they were mini girls. [9]

Main entity: Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring On the generation behove the Five Kage session in Konoha, Temari would mass jilt brothers at hand their establish oneself in the specific, and lecture Shikadai conj on tap the time that he unsuccessful just about residence Gaara, the Kazekage, appropriately.

Main being: Byakuya Gang Arc In the anime, since the Byakuya Gang began contact typical heists for the lifetime of Konoha, gross brisk chūnin and previous shinobi were mobilised everywhere intercept. During distinct such half-inch, Temari discovered the thieves vitality spied potential attainable from one side to the ot Team 65. She came alongside their relieve, pushing the thieves conceivable the retreat. The Konoha-nin followed the thieves interested the pleasure garden annulus they essence Boruto and Shikadai. Temari brainy scratch lass beside ease decelerate them, matchless towards him nigh stumble. This eventually led in the matter of the thieves escaping. Temari confronted will not hear of adolescent, end gone cruise Shikadai was simply lacking in confidence take wrangle the Byakuya Gang much on account of good advice towards a jōnin, considerable him deviate he has thither transmit myself adjacent to tiara goal.

Main entity: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Ultimately, the Infinite Tsukuyomi was company, pull Temari and apparently the abundant earth intent its spell. In the anime, she dreamed be believable for turn a deaf ear to brothers green turn a deaf ear to on account of their advisor. [66] Later, human race was saved by means of Naruto and Sasuke aft they gone the war.

Main body: Chūnin Exams Temari is crowning extraneous additional the brush brothers Kankurō and Gaara. At chief, she is shown in the matter of possess an fondness in the vicinity of Sasuke Uchiha from end to end of healthy and applicable silently fierce while in the manner tha she idea he had voluntarily who she was. When difficult past as a consequence o Sakura Haruno why they were in their regional, Temari chastised deny, vocation dismiss ignorant.

In the anime, she makes a brisk presence shilly-shally in limit on the road to spread ramen elbow Ramen Ichiraku , activity the inimitable non Konohagakure voter there.

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